Nexthash, the new star in cryptocurrency mining


Nexthash is the world’s leading Bitcoin mining platform, enabling users worldwide to mine cryptocurrencies in a transparent, reliable and convenient way. It saves users from the complex process of buying, installing and hosting mining machines. Individual miners are just a click away.

A rising star in cryptocurrency mining, Nexthash has emerged among millions of users in just over half a decade and already serves over 200 countries worldwide. nexthash has become a leader due to its intuitive user experience, competitive energy sourcing and professional operations management.

Nexthash’s compute power sharing platform and dedicated mining sharing services provide the best turnkey mining solution for miners of all sizes. Miners can reduce operational overhead and initial investment when partnering with Nexthash due to the economies of scale NextHash provides.

Nexthash offers unprecedented transparency unlike other competitors as users are able to clearly see how machine leases are operating and collect their cryptocurrency mining rewards directly from the mining pool to the wallet of their choice.


Nexthash has partnered with eight of the world’s top ten mining pools since its inception, including, AntPool, Dpool, ViaBTC and F2Pool. these pools allow individuals to mine bitcoin on a cooperative basis and offer more stable payouts. In addition, Nexthash has a brand alliance and cross-marketing partnership with EXMO, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Russia.

Nexthash also has a world-class professional server operation and a first-class colocation maintenance team with strong industry resource integration capabilities. Industry resources allow Nexthash to work with sustainable power providers at the lowest possible prices. By controlling costs through economies of scale, Nexthash is able to obtain the lowest operating overhead prices and pass the savings directly to the miners involved in the mining platform.

Nexthash is committed to building a developed ecosystem that powers the entire cryptocurrency mining industry.


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