Sanya Public Security Forum launched by Hainan CGE Peace Development Foundation


BY:AILAITIDeputy Secretary-General of CGE, Director of Hainan Institute for Public Security Studies.

The Academic Committee of Hainan CGE Peace Development Foundation (CGE), based in Sanya City, Hainan Province, China, organized a webinar on 17th September to launch "Sanya Public Security Forum".

web meeting of Academic Committee of CGE.

The web meeting was chaired by Zhang YunlingChairman of the Academic Committee of CGE, Member of the Academic Department of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and attended by several other member of the Academic Committee of CGE.

The participants confirmed the achievement made by CGE in last three years, discussed the current challenges, and offered their advices and suggestions for future development.

The participants unanimously approved to launch Sanya Public Security Forum, which is believed to be helpful for building the image of CGE. The first annual meeting of the forum will be held in the middle of next year.

Hainan CGE Peace Development Foundation (established in May 2017 in Sanya city, Hainan province, China) is a non-profit private foundation as well as a charity institution. The objective of the foundation is to actively cooperate with and serve "The Belt and Road Initiative", broaden channels of people-to-people exchange, promote international communication between domestic and foreign institutions in culture, education, security and investment fields, convey peaceful information, establish friendly image, safeguard public security and serve the peaceful development and cooperation world wide. The sub-institution of CGE includes: Academic Committee, Hainan Institute for Public Security Studies.

2020 Asia Pacific Public Security Forum.

Since its establishment, CGE has achieved a lot as below

1. Organized the Asia-Pacific Public Security Forum in 2018. The outcome of the meetings was fruitful.

2. Cooperated with International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA) to Promote its Standard in China. We joined ICoCA as a civil social organization member and contributed on certification consulting service since August, 2019. We completed translation of the ICoCA training materials into Chinese in 2020, and jointly launched the international security training project with other stakeholders.

3. Published the blue book on public security and cooperation overseas. Since 2018, the Hainan Institute for Public Security Studies has cooperated with the regional security research center of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, to jointly a series of book on Chinese provision of overseas public security solutions. The Overseas Public Security and Cooperation Assessment Report (2019) was published in 2019, and the Overseas Public Security and Cooperation Assessment Report (2020) will be published in 2020.

4. 2020 Asia Pacific Public Security Forum. This year's annual meeting held in August even attracted the attendance of Secretary-General of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Mr. Vladimir Norov. The forum is held to take the social responsibility and obligation of the CGE think tank for the protection of overseas interests of China, and to create a dialogue platform for cooperation and exchange among government agencies, domestic and foreign experts and scholars, and international anti-terrorism cooperation.

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