Davis Elvin's timepiece with ocean elements, for each voyager who loves sailing


Talk with the Stars on a Lonely Voyage

"Wandering in the endless ocean, every day you can see the magnificent sunrise and sunset. Occasionally you can meet groups of dolphins playing around."


"Away from the city and the crowd, we are very lonely. Because of the loneliness, we acquire a rare time to enjoy the solitude, completely free and think. When you stand on the deck, you can see the stars in the night sky and stays with you."


Davis Elvin seemed to see the stars on the sea in the words of the old captain Riccardo Mancini. What is more impressed is his trip to the South Pole. To reach the Antarctic, Drake Strait is the only way to go.


The Spirit of the Sea - Live to Death

"Generally, we can avoid or bypass the storms on our voyages. However, the Drake Strait is another story. It storms all the year and can set off huge waves of 10-20 meters high and slapped the ships violently, in front of which, as heavy as 10 thousand tons ship is like a tiny boat. The power of nature has never been something human beings can contend."


"At the most dangerous moment, I was ready to sink into the bottom of the sea with the ship. Born and grew up on the seashore, I have spent most of my life at sea. Even in dreams I am on the bumps in the road ahead and buried in the sea. Being one with the sea is, I guess you can say, kind of company."


When he was young, he often stood on the beach, eager to travel far away to see the end of the world. Crossed the treacherous strait and measured the end of the world with the voyage, the dream finally came true with white hair on his head.


Troubled by the design of new watches, Davis Elvi witnessed the spirit of the sea - life to death, and was deeply touched by the old captain's life. At that time, the ROMA DR02 was created.


Waves Flow on the Dail 

Known as the "Corridor of Death", Drake Strait is the deepest strait in the world, with a depth of more than 5,000 meters. If Mount Fuji is located here, the top of which won't even be coming out of the sea. Strong winds and waves, coupled with floating icebergs sliding down from Antarctica, the harsh environment has caused countless ships to capsize the seabed. However, countless people have gone on and on, embarking on a journey to the end of the world. This is an extreme test of courage where life can be a bet.


After reading many stories about Drake Straits, his admiration for the old captain, Riccardo Mancini, grows in his mind. Davis Elvin wants to design a watch related to the ocean and give it to the captain, to all those young souls who love the ocean and insist on dreams.



Davis Elvin sees this watch born from the sea, but he does not use the common while waves in the blue sea, instead, he chooses black lines with blue rims slowly flow in the dial. The black wave is the dark surge in the dark. Even if it is vague, people can perceive the feeling. This is the language of the sea. With the unique blue Arabic numeral hour markers, it calmly creates the mood of the ocean of night.


Those who dare to choose the ocean journeys require great courage. In the design of the pointer, Davis Elvin does not hesitate to outline a clean sword-shaped needle, and then finely polish the shape details, size, etc., to make the overall style sharper and bring the tough temperament of men.


Ready to Go and Explore the End of the World

"Every departure is worth looking forward to." This is what Riccardo Mancini left to Davis Elvin when he was parting. He is about to embark on a long voyage, which is the last voyage before retirement.


Davis Elvin was very lucky to have this encounter. On a beautiful afternoon, he listened to a wonderful story in a quiet seaside shop, and once again confirmed his original desire: to meet the precise art world, and to always pursue higher. Go for what you love is the most beautiful thing.


The beginnings may be difficult and the processes could be tortuous. People who live on the land cannot see the scenery on the sea. Beautiful things are only met at the end of the road. Persevere, and you will naturally find the belief to persevere.


Company Name: Davis Elvin


Website: www.daviselvin.com

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